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Belles Rives Roses


The Belles Rives Rose® created by The Meilland Roses (this brand is well known worldwide for its skills and the quality of its roses) is dedicated to the Hotel Belles Rives.
Belles Rives, which was the safe haven of Francis Scott Fitzgerald, the American writer, and the setting of “Tender is the Night”, is thenceforth an Art Deco Palace where floral art is perpetuated on a terrace near the sea, decorated with bougainvilleas, coloured foliage and Mediterranean essences maintained with passion by the master gardener of the establishment.


Buy a Belles Rives® rosebush for your garden HERE


The Belles Rives Rose® has whorled flowers bearing 35 cherry pink petals which spread a rich fragrance of ancient rose and Syracuse lemon. These flowers are perfect to spread a glamorous atmosphere, the party mood and all the cheekiness of the Roaring Twenties on the French Riviera, in a garden, on a terrace in Antibes or in an inland villa.

Reproduce at home the unique atmosphere of the Belles Rives !